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The Metal Roof

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35year.pngMetal roofing it is the next big thing in roofing. It is durable, looks awesome, and what sounds better than a thunderstorm on a corrugated metal roof? It almost makes you want to crack open a frosty beverage and pull out the banjo. Of course the material that is installed as metal roofing is nothing like the old, wavy corrugated metal of fifty years ago. New-style metal roofing is versatile enough to cover a certified show home, heck it has been said Kanye has metal roofing on his multi-million dollar, secret compound in Wyoming, and if it is good enough for Kanye…

35 Year Metal Roof Pipe Flashings

If you are a professional installer, you probably love metal roofing if only for the fact that it can be installed much faster with an experienced crew. The challenge lies in the unique installation of the pipe boots and flashing. A metal roof, as opposed to asphalt shingles, is much more durable, meaning you need pipe boots that will last. At Flashings Direct, we are are proud to carry the Master Flash® pipe boots designed to fit seamlessly on a metal roof. Oh, and they are designed to last for 35 years. Think of it this way, if you were to install one of our 35 year metal roof pipe flashings, by the time you would need to replace it, Kanye will be 75 years old.

Stock Up For Summer!

If you are a roofing professional and thinking of getting into metal roof installation, the time is now. Metal roofing is just going to become more popular in the future. At Flashings Direct, we carry a full line of accessories and flashings for metal roof installation. We know what you need for installing a metal roof and we are happy to help if you need any information concerning your flashing needs. Contact us today and stock up for the rest of the summer!  

Be Like Old Cap, Plan Your Summer

It is that time of year again, time to throw a bag of charcoal on the grill spray it down with gasoline and get those sausages grillin’! (Don’t do that for real you will burn the house down) That's right, it is the unofficial start of the summer season, now for some, like Leonardo Dicaprio, [...]

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Flashings Direct, Filet Mignon in a Hot Dog World

At one point or another, we have all done it. The convenience store hot dog for lunch. They just look so good rotating over there on their little chrome bleachers, sweating like a politician at confession. Sticky, unrecognizable goo sticks to the rollers with every rotation, like gum stuck to a pair of flip flops. [...]

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Flashings Direct Bids Farewell to 2016

The end of the year always brings about a sense of either nostalgia or panic. This time of year is definitely crazy, what with getting the end of the year in order and having sporadic days off. It is tough to focus on work when the holidays come around. That is why Flashings Direct is [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving from Flashings Direct!

One week from today is Thanksgiving and that means many things in this great country of ours, turkey, stuffing and a mush of green beans and soup. It is highly unlikely that the Pilgrims had condensed soup when the first Thanksgiving spontaneously occurred but the Native Americans could have brought some made from wild mushrooms. [...]

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Winter Roof Flashing Inspection

Winter is coming my friends, and before we know it we will have all of the joys that come along with it. Ski trips, sledding, ice fishing and depending on where you live, sleigh rides. Ok so admittedly, winter is not the same through out this great country of ours, some of us have it [...]

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What We Think About At Flashings Direct

Do you ever think about roof flashing? How about pipe boots? Well unless you are a roofer or the finest flashing supplier in the country, chances are you don’t. You know what though that's ok. That is why Flashing Direct is here, we think about flashing, pipe boots and the most effective way for you [...]

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Pipe Boots For Your Dome

Our customers are awesome and we would like to thank them by reading some of the letters and emails that we have gotten from those awesome customers. They don’t necessarily have to do with pipe boots or roof flashing but they are pretty entertaining. Remember that Flashings Direct features new deals each month and free [...]

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Done Right

Roofing in the summer is absolutely the most miserable thing that you can imagine, next to those poor guys pouring hot asphalt in long sleeves on the highway. Think of it, sweat dripping off of your brow, stinging your eyes; the axe in your hand getting heavier and heavier until it feels like you are [...]

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Where Were You 35 Years Ago?

The sun is an amazing ball of gas that heats our earth. We all know the simple dynamics of the solar system, at least most of us do. The Earth rotates around the sun and the sun rotates around some other bigger thing and there are black holes, white dwarfs and quasars. Simple right? So [...]

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