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Be Like Old Cap, Plan Your Summer

Posted by Flashings Direct on

It is that time of year again, time to throw a bag of charcoal on the grill spray it down with gasoline and get those sausages grillin’! (Don’t do that for real you will burn the house down) That's right, it is the unofficial start of the summer season, now for some, like Leonardo Dicaprio, that means a steady stream of perfectly engineered women with perfect noses and carrying little yappy dogs. Old Cap as we like to call him over here at Flashings Direct, jet sets around the world on his yacht ending up in gorgeous settings with equally gorgeous women. For us however, this Memorial Day is the beginning of the serious roofing season. That time of year when the days get longer, the work is plentiful and hailstorms plague the country from coast to coast. Except Arizona, they don't get hail in Arizona... do they?

Stock Up For Summer

While everyone is burning meat over the fire this weekend it might be a good opportunity to think about ordering a fresh supply of flashings, pipe boots and any other supplies that you may need this summer. Dicaprio does that with his women at the beginning of the year. He pulls out his little notepad and schedules which beautiful woman is going to be with him and where. We can learn something from his clearly exceptional planning. Planning ahead is much easier than having to use one of those inferior products from a big box store. This is the biggest time of year for a roofer and this summer is longer than ever with just under 100 days, so order now before the rush and sleep soundly knowing you have everything covered with supplies from Flashings Direct. Don’t forget about our free shipping offer on all orders over $250!