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Flashings Direct Bids Farewell to 2016

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The end of the year always brings about a sense of either nostalgia or panic. This time of year is definitely crazy, what with getting the end of the year in order and having sporadic days off. It is tough to focus on work when the holidays come around. That is why Flashings Direct is here for you and your roofing business. We have the supplies that you need for the coming year. This is the time to plan for the coming roofing season. You have no doubt been chasing leaks and making emergency repairs but now is the time to put in that big order for all of your roof flashing, pipe boots and accessories. Beat the rush and place your order before the end of the year. On the occasion of the end of the year, we have compiled a list of reasons why you should order your supplies from Flashings Direct in 2017.

  1. It is a little known fact that the world will end in August 2017… maybe. There is a solar eclipse set to occur on August 21st and, rumor has it, the world is in for it. What does that mean for you? Well, if the world does end, roofing supplies will be hard to come by. Fortunately we have seen this sort of paranoia before, but there’s no harm in stocking up, you know, just in case…
  2. There is said to be a secret alien base on the moon. That’s right, a fully functioning, bonafide lunar base, complete with abducted humans as slave labor. The aliens have apparently been observing us for years and plotting to destroy our miserable planet. Now what does this have to do with roof flashing and the like? Well, if the aliens do attack, the world will be in drastic need of roofing services. Don’t worry about us though, if the aliens were to attack we have an evacuation plan in place.
  3. The sun is the number one destroyer of roof flashing and pipe boots, that is why we offer our exclusive line of 35-year flashings. What if the sun were to explode and the earth was pelted with debris? You may be thinking, there is not much that can be done at that point and you would be 100 percent correct.
  4. The Illuminati is rumored to be a secret society which will bring about the New World Order. Within this New World Order, all humans will be required to move into underground fortresses. The lizard people will rise up from the center of the earth and control every aspect of human life. It is for the best to be prepared when it comes to roofing supplies, as the lizard people may corner the market on roof flashing.
  5. The possibility of mind control is a real threat in 2017. It is a little known fact that most people are injected with secret, microscopic microchips that allow us to be tracked everywhere. Studies have shown that the best defense against being tracked is a tightly sealed roof with upgraded flashing. Once this information is released to the public you can expect a demand for quality roofing supplies like those offered at Flashings Direct.

The number one reason for utilizing Flashings Direct for your roof flashing needs in 2017 is the fact that we offer the best customer service available. In fact, if you are the kind of person who believes they are under surveillance and doesn't like to talk to anyone, no problem! Simply send us an email or shop our online store. It is fast and easy to get all of the flashing related supplies with just one click. So, say farewell to 2016 and we look forward to seeing you in 2017!