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Flashings Direct, Filet Mignon in a Hot Dog World

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free-shipping-badge.pngAt one point or another, we have all done it. The convenience store hot dog for lunch. They just look so good rotating over there on their little chrome bleachers, sweating like a politician at confession. Sticky, unrecognizable goo sticks to the rollers with every rotation, like gum stuck to a pair of flip flops. But, man, at two p.m. in the cool shade of the slurpee machine that little fella looks like a great idea. It is a jalapeno, sriracha with Texas chili flavored meat tube of goodness, and the breakfast donut you had at five a.m. has more than worn off. You motion for the clerk to grab the steaming kielbasa from the spot that it has been slowly spinning in for that past nine hours and top it with all sorts of painful condiments. The moment of truth is here. You crack into the aged sausage with the reckless abandon of a man possessed and 30 seconds later, it is over, nothing but a nacho cheese stained paper bowl remains.

Avoid The Regret

Sound familiar? Generally this situation plays out numerous times every day. Time is tight and the closest thing happens to be a gas station hotdog. Well at Flashings Direct we would like to remind you that you will regret eating that hot dog at some point in the next eight hours, think of it as our little public service announcement, because we know the aftermath of gas station hot dogs. When it comes to roof flashing, those big box stores are like the gas station hot dog. Maybe you forgot to place an order with Flashings Direct and ran out of pipe boots or flashing, or you haven't set up an account with us yet. Either way, utilizing the big box, hardware store flashings and pipe boots is going to make you feel like that desperation hot dog, it gets the job done but you are going to pay for it later. So place your spring order today and save the professional indigestion of using inferior materials. Remember shipping is always free on orders over $250!