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Happy Thanksgiving from Flashings Direct!

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One week from today is Thanksgiving and that means many things in this great country of ours, turkey, stuffing and a mush of green beans and soup. It is highly unlikely that the Pilgrims had condensed soup when the first Thanksgiving spontaneously occurred but the Native Americans could have brought some made from wild mushrooms. Anyway, another tradition that is unofficially observed following Thanksgiving is the hanging of the christmas lights. Thousands, if not billions, of people around this great continent will be up on roofs in the coming weeks hanging christmas lights; noticing that their pipe boots are cracked and leaking or their shingles are peeling away from the flashing.

Now being a roofer, you are probably anticipating the flood of phone calls when all of those decorators realize the true condition of their roofs. It will be chaos and every roof repair will be the most critical emergency that the world has ever seen. Time to make the call to Flashings Direct and load up on roof flashing, pipe boots and accessories. The floodgates are about to be opened and it is a good idea to be prepared. If your area had hail or tornados the last few years, you are probably trying to simply keep up, if that is the case you can be thankful for one more thing, free shipping on orders over $250. Its is like Christmas came early!

At Flashings Direct we would like to extend a thank you to you, our loyal customers. It is our pleasure to serve the needs of exceptional roofing companies everywhere. We are thankful to be the most trusted distributor of roof flashing, pipe boots and accessories in the country. So grab that turkey by the giblets and eat until you pass out! We will be here for you when it is all over.