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“Ready For Fall?” is Never Something You Say To a Roofer

Posted by Flashings Direct on

Summer is over, let's get crazy. After months of busting your hump on what can seem like a thousand different roofs the fall weather is creeping in and feels glorious. As a roofer you know that the best time to work is in the fall. The sun does not suck the life out of you before 2 pm, the singles are not hot enough to fry a turkey and the workday is getting shorter every day. I mean, let's face it with all of the severe weather that has blown through the country this year, the work will be around for next summer. As amazing a time as fall is to get a bunch of work done, it is also the best time to take a little break and celebrate the summer success. Of course do not lose sight of the fact that very soon the season will be firing up again and now is the best time to make an order to Flashings Direct for next year’s stock. Ordering your projected stock for next year is easier in the fall, because our warehouses are packed full of the roof flashings, pipe boots and vent pipe flashings. But the most obvious reason for ordering now is, with the stock on hand you can bid more jobs and make more money faster come summer. You will be that much further ahead than those guys who procrastinated until all the supplies are almost backordered. You will be the busiest roofer in the spring. Of course that is a ways off right now and you deserve a break. But what, you may ask is the best vacation for a roofer? Well an Alaskan cruise of course! Once you have seen a squirrel flash fried after jumping out of a tree onto the blazing roof, the only thing that sounds like any fun are glaciers and rain. Have a safe autumn and get your order in soon to beat the rush!