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The Metal Roof

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35year.pngMetal roofing it is the next big thing in roofing. It is durable, looks awesome, and what sounds better than a thunderstorm on a corrugated metal roof? It almost makes you want to crack open a frosty beverage and pull out the banjo. Of course the material that is installed as metal roofing is nothing like the old, wavy corrugated metal of fifty years ago. New-style metal roofing is versatile enough to cover a certified show home, heck it has been said Kanye has metal roofing on his multi-million dollar, secret compound in Wyoming, and if it is good enough for Kanye…

35 Year Metal Roof Pipe Flashings

If you are a professional installer, you probably love metal roofing if only for the fact that it can be installed much faster with an experienced crew. The challenge lies in the unique installation of the pipe boots and flashing. A metal roof, as opposed to asphalt shingles, is much more durable, meaning you need pipe boots that will last. At Flashings Direct, we are are proud to carry the Master Flash® pipe boots designed to fit seamlessly on a metal roof. Oh, and they are designed to last for 35 years. Think of it this way, if you were to install one of our 35 year metal roof pipe flashings, by the time you would need to replace it, Kanye will be 75 years old.

Stock Up For Summer!

If you are a roofing professional and thinking of getting into metal roof installation, the time is now. Metal roofing is just going to become more popular in the future. At Flashings Direct, we carry a full line of accessories and flashings for metal roof installation. We know what you need for installing a metal roof and we are happy to help if you need any information concerning your flashing needs. Contact us today and stock up for the rest of the summer!