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What We Think About At Flashings Direct

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Do you ever think about roof flashing? How about pipe boots? Well unless you are a roofer or the finest flashing supplier in the country, chances are you don’t. You know what though that's ok. That is why Flashing Direct is here, we think about flashing, pipe boots and the most effective way for you these supplies fast. You see, we get roofers and we have what roofers need to do their jobs. We have the privilege of working with some of the best roofers in the country and we get them the flashing they need to do the job right.

That being said, we do think about pipe boots and flashing, all of the time. We decided that we needed a comprehensive list of other things to think about. Behold.

Other things to think about besides pipe boots and flashing:

  1. The Price of Nails - You can’t roof without nails unless you have super powers. That reminds me…
  2. Super Powers - How cool would that be.
  3. Whatever Happened To The Guy Who Sang, “Rico Suave”?
  4. Is Bread Sold By the Pound or The Loaf?
  5. Time Travel - That would be awesome.
  6. What Was The Shape of a Football Called Before Football Was Invented?
  7. What Does A Chinese Tape Measure Look Like?

All are amazing things to ponder and will probably be discussed at some point, but that is a story for another day. Today we will simply stick to flashing and pipe boots. You are welcome.

So if you or your company needs the finest flashing and supplies available, please check out our catalog. Our selection and quality is second to none and don't forget about our free shipping on orders over $250! There is no need to worry about us, we will still be thinking about flashing and singing “Rico Suave”.