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Wild Summer Weather

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35-year-small2-6-15-10.jpgWe are right in the middle of it, the part of summer that make us wish for the cool, comfortable days of fall. The sunburns have long ago turned into deep tans that many pay thousands of dollars for, you on the other hand, earn yours. It is the peak of roofing season throughout the country. The summer, in non-roofer terms, is a season of fun in the sun, outdoor recreation and sitting by the pool relaxing. To a roofer summer means one thing that normal people do not think about. Summer, for a large majority of the country is hail season. No single incident can cause so much destruction to a roof than a major hail storm. After a hail storm, roofing businesses in that community are busy for the next couple of years. The supply houses in these areas are generally under a lot of pressure when it comes to roofing materials and it helps to have an outlet like Flashings Direct for your flashings, pipe boots and vent cover needs. All conveniently available 24 hours a day with one simple click.

Hail is not the only issue that roofers have to deal with in the summer, in many areas of the country the threat of severe storms carries much more than hail. Tornadoes and strong winds can wreak havoc on a roof and allow the winter moisture to infiltrate the roof, causing a serious issue. Aside from the weather related issues, summer is a pretty good time to be a roofer. The work is steady, the weather is nice and life is generally pretty good. Just make sure that your outfit is stocked up for the inevitable hail and wind damage this summer. Flashings Direct is your number one, online source for flashing and pipe boots. Be sure and check out our monthly specials and don't forget that all orders over $250 include free shipping.