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Winter Roof Flashing Inspection

Posted by Flashings Direct on

Winter is coming my friends, and before we know it we will have all of the joys that come along with it. Ski trips, sledding, ice fishing and depending on where you live, sleigh rides. Ok so admittedly, winter is not the same through out this great country of ours, some of us have it easier than others. No matter where you are in this county the common bond we share is that fall is always a good time to have your roof inspected by your friendly neighborhood roofer. The kind of guys who think about things like roof flashings and pipe boots when the subject of winter comes up. 

At Flashings Direct, we are the premier distributor of roof flashing, pipe boots, mast connections and accessories. Our business is built on providing roofers all over the country with the highest quality roof flashing materials at an exceptional value. Roof flashings are extremely important when looking over your roof before winter arrives and if you or your roofer notice anything out of the ordinary we can help with sizes and lengths; we are your flashing experts.

If you or your roofer feel that your roof needs to be inspected before winter, it is best to keep in mind a few things. Damage to your roof or flashing should never be put off until the spring, particularly if you like in a part of the country that receives substantial snowfall or rain; a thorough inspection and repair process is critical to maintaining the integrity of your roof. Water will get into cracked or broken sections of flashing and create a bad situation, particularly if the freeze-thaw cycle is an active possibility. The bottom line is, if it has been a few years since you last inspected your roof, it is high time that you contact your favorite roofer and be sure that you request Flashings Direct for all of your roof flashing needs.