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  • [Master Flash®]~[Open Top Fits: 6-3/4” (171mm) to 15” (381mm) Pipes,Closed Top Fits: Closed to 15” (381mm) Pipes,Base: 19-1/2” (495mm)]~[Closed or Open Top Available|Made of Black or Gray EPDM Rubber or High Temp Red Silicone, these flashings are compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weathering due to zone and ultraviolet light.|The flexible aluminum base is designed for an oversized hole cut for your pipe flashing to conform to any panel configuration.]




Product Description

Introducing the Fix-A-Flash - Flashings Direct's newest product!

The Fix-A-Flash is designed to cover oversized roofing holes. The Fix-A-Flash is available in a closed-top option, only. It comes in Black EPDM rubber or Silicone.


    • Weather Protection - EPDM or Silicone Compounded specifically for maximum resistance to weather due to ozone and ultraviolet light

    •  Modification simplicity - Easy to read pipe diameter markings make it quick and easy to install onsite

    •  Adaptable Base - The base is designed to mold to most panel configurations and roof pitches, regardless of pipe location


         o Opening diameter – Closed
         o Cut to suit pipe size - Closed 0"-15" (0-381mm)
         o Base Dimensions - 19-1/2" (495mm)


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