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  • [MasterFlash®]~[11" (254mm) wide|1.7mm thick|Available in 8 ft and 12ft lengths]~[Made of Grey ozone resistant stretchable EPDM rubber]
  • Stretchable Linear Flashing, SLF installed
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Stretchable Linear Flash



Product Description

Stretchable Linear Flashing

Introducing the newest in linear flashing manufacturing! Designed specifically to cover the most difficult of surfaces, this product is develpoed out of a specialized STRETCHABLE EPDM rubber. The Stretchable Linear Flash will flex around difficult corners and uneven surfaces to give you complete weather coverage. SLF will make it around square corners and roof penetrations. No matter how difficult your flashings needs are, Stretchable Linear Flash has you covered. Order today!


  • 11" (254mm) wide
  • 1.7mm thick
  • Available in 8ft and 12ft lengths
  • Made of Grey ozone resistant stretchable EPDM rubber!


  • Transition walls
  • Stepped roofs
  • Metal corrugated roofs
  • Parapet walls
  • Expansion Joint
  • Roof Penetrations



Product Videos

(SLF) Stretchable Linear Flash Master-Flash® Installation Guide 02:15

Basic installation guide for the (SLF) Stretchable Linear Flash Master Flash® Specifically Designed for the Commercial and Industrial Industry Aztec Washer Company

  • (SLF) Stretcha...
    Basic installation guide for the (SLF) Stretchable Linear Flas...

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